Henrietta Richer Photography | Trelissick House and Gardens, Cornwall.

Trelissick House and Gardens, Cornwall.

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No sooner had I launched this site, then I popped over to the UK to go on a little holiday, with my mother, to Cornwall. I'd never visited Cornwall before, in fact I know France better than my home country, having lived here most of my adult life.

One of my parents' main leisure activities was gardening and visiting gardens, which I found rather boring as a child. I took nature's beauty for granted, I suppose, but now ...... well, as you know, I'm crazy about flowers.

We visited several gardens, the first being Trelissick, which is run by The National Trust.


Trelissick_manorTrelissick_manor from Wikipedia


Cornish roads are something to be reckoned with, once off the main byways, they are often like this, narrow, with high hedges built on and over dry stone walls. So, it can take quite a while to get anywhere. We took a short cut to get to the gardens, by taking a flat bed ferry across the river Fal.

IMG_2808 2IMG_2808 2


This statue is on the ferry, looking out over the river, and he's the subject of many a selfie. It takes just a few seconds to cross over the water.

IMG_2829 2Cornish chap (statue)


Text from the website:

Tranquil varied garden in fabulous position, with a superb collection of tender and exotic plants.

On its own peninsula, with panoramic views over the Fal estuary. The house provides the perfect setting to enjoy the ever - changing seascape and countryside steeped in Cornish history. Visitors can explore the meandering paths through the woodland garden, leading to exotic plants and herbaceous borders bursting with colour. There are longer walks to discover through the historic parkland which sweeps down towards the estuary, and along Lamouth Creek to the Iron Age promontory fort and 18th century quay at Roundwood. 

The house was first opened in 2014 after the most recent occupants moved from the main part of the building, Trelissick House is now neither home nor museum, but rooms with a view.

Built here to make the most of spectacular views across the Carrick Roads towards Falmouth in the south Trelissick has been home to many families over the last 250 years, all of whom have left their mark, however small or large.






A few details from the sparsely furnished house taken with my phone ....

IMG_2830 2IMG_2830 2



IMG_2833 2IMG_2833 2



IMG_2834 2IMG_2834 2



IMG_2972 2IMG_2972 2



IMG_2971 2IMG_2971 2


And now on to the serious stuff ......




Do you visualise and plan your photos ?

I only took my 50mm lens with me, to reduce the weight of my bag, but mainly because it was the right lens for the shots I had already visualised in my mind.

If you follow me on social media, you'll know that I favour a high key style, often with an all white background, when I'm shooting in my small studio. When out and about that is not possible, unless I want to carry around white sheets of paper and card, which I have actually been known to do on occasion.




Seventeenth still life paintings, dark and moody.

Knowing that at the beginning of April, the plants in bloom would be mostly rhododendrons, camellias and magnolias, I had decided on a dark approach, like 17th century dutch still life paintings.




And this is what I came up with ......































I'm wondering whether to put some of these images in my shop. What do you think? Which are your favourites?






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Thank you so much for visiting





My flower photos have been edited with Kim Klassen's LR Presets.

All photos © Henrietta Richer, unless otherwise stated.





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