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Some flowers, I feel, make more interesting portraits than others. 

Some flowers refuse to show there inner most selves, until they wilt and drop their protective petals.

Tulips, however, have nothing to hide.

They reveal their inner beauty as soon as they blossom and proudly show off their glorious colours.

Below, on my window sill, waiting their turn in the limelight ....

A quick try out with full light from the window ......

The studio set up, a painted canvas and water bottle ......

The resulting head shots were all edited with Kim Klassen's Moody and Magic Presets for Lightroom.

Three different edits of the same flower .....

Other variations .....


And the infamous Semper Augustus look alike, the most expensive bulb ever during the 17th century Tulip Mania speculation bubble, in Europe.



I hope you enjoy these images as much as I've enjoyed creating them to share with you. These Tulip Portraits are available in my shop as prints, cards and canvases.

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All tulip portraits edited with Kim Klassen's Moody and Magic Presets for Lightroom.



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All photos © Henrietta Richer, unless otherwise stated.


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Le sujet est beau, le rendu magnifique !
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Portrait by Pauline Goyard.You can find her on FB.Portrait by Pauline Goyard.You can find her on FB.

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